Custom V-T Consecu-Tags


This is a Custom Imprinted item.
Please call us at 603-224-2369 or fill out the form for quote and details!

Each Consecu-Tag makes a clear plastic-backed window stock sticker AND two self-protecting key tags. No numbering charges! Add QR codes to direct customers to your website! Put your brand on every tag! Get reorders when adding Contact Information.

6" x 6" - Key tags fold to 1-1/4" x 3", Stock Sticker 3" x 6".
All numbers and letters are printed in Black or Red ink, stock sticker numbers and letters are 1-1/2" tall.

Stock Colors Available

  • Solid Colors: Yellow, Orange, White, Red, Blue, Green, Tan, Grey, Pink, and Lime Green
  • Top Stripe Colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green

Packaged 125 per box with Key Rings included. Minimum custom order quantity 125.

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